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Every corporation must have a registered office in Canada. Indicate the province or territory in Canada where the corporation’s registered office is to be situated.

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An incorporated business must issue at least one class of shares. In this section, you must describe the classes of shares of the corporation and the maximum number of shares the corporation is authorized to issue for each class. If there are more than one class of shares, you must specify the rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions for each.

You may choose pre-defined text that is commonly used to describe either one or two classes of shares or you may insert your own description. Please choose ONE of the following:

The corporation is authorized to issue an unlimited number of Class A and Class B shares with the following rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions:

  1. Class A shares, without nominal or par value, the holders of which are entitled:
    1. to vote at all meetings of shareholders except meetings at which only holders of a specified class of shares are entitled to vote; and
    2. to receive the remaining property of the corporation upon dissolution; and
    3. subject to the rights and privileges attaching to the Class B shares, to receive the dividends as and when declared by the board of directors of the corporation.
  2. Class B shares, which shall carry the right:
    1. to a dividend as fixed by the board of directors and
    2. upon the liquidation or winding-up of the corporation, to repayment of the amount paid for such share (plus any declared and unpaid dividends) in priority to the Class A shares, but they shall not confer a right to any further participation in profits or assets.
    The holders of Class B shares shall not be entitled to vote at meetings of shareholders except as otherwise specifically provided in the Canada Business Corporations Act.

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