Amazing Features

Take your business to the next level. or the next trip. sign in to your phone account and receive local calls from anywhere.

Works Out The Box

Get a Professional Phone line No need for any new hardware or software. yet flexible enough for you to bring your own device.

Local And Toll-Free Number

Bridge the Gap. Make local and long distance calls for less. Connect with people from around the world with area codes from 125 + different Countries.

Reliable And Scalable

Built On Proven Technology and more the 100 Data centers Worldwide. We have got you covered Use Internet or Cellular network.

Keep You Current Device

No need to buy a new phone for your business or to pay expensive contracts month after month. you don't even need to change your number. With you can create multiple phone numbers in one account and create custom voice replies and much more...


By implementing the most commonly used protocols and codecs, we've made sure our services will work with the majority of VoIP devices and software.

Contract-Free & Pay As You Go 

We don't lock you into a long-term contract, and we won't charge you for things you don't use. Zillian Group gives you the freedom to do things your way for improved communications and smarter spending.

Multiple Line Setup and Forwarding

Zillian Group supports Local, Toll-free and mobile number portability. Create ring groups an IVRs easily for more complex business or personal needs.

On The Go

Connect to a Sip, soft-phone, PBX or forward your calls to almost any location worldwide and keep your current numbers and phone books wear ever you go.

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