Manage Your Business Efficiently

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Integrated Communication.

Built in live chat for your team to communicate more efficiently in real time. Send emails to anyone with build in email feature on your contact cards or even directly from and invoice or quotation. Live website chat to grab your clients attention and help you to bring in more sales.

Automated Actions & Schedules.

Used to trigger tasks. They are based on conditions and happen on top of the default business logic.
Examples of automated actions include: creating a next activity upon a quote’s confirmation, adding a user to a confirmed invoice, or preventing a lead from changing stage if a field is not filled in.

Accounting, Billing, and Sales.

Manage your companies invoices and recurring contracts with ease. Create sales orders and quotations in minutes. Keep track of your conversations right on the invoice. Manage your Employee Payments and taxes. Sell in multi currency and Geo location.

Design - Drag And Drop Website Builder.
  • e-Commerce

  • Website Builder

  • Blogs

  • Forums

  • Slides/E-learning

  • Live Chat

  • Invoicing

  • Order Management

Operations - Work Smart and efficient
  • Accounting

  • Projects

  • Inventory

  • Purchases

  • Manufacturing 

  • Documents and Help Desk

Sales - Enhance Your Productivity
  • Sales

  • Customer Relation Manager

  • Invoicing

  • Point of Scale

  • Subscription

  • Sign

Productivity - Work Global 
  • Time Sheets and Production Time

  • Email Marketing

  • Surveys

  • Appointments Booking

  • Automated Workflow

Easy User Friendly Features.

Design Beautiful Emails and Marketing Campaigns
Quick and easily design a beautiful email or edit one of our many templates. Captivate your audience attention and generate more high quality sales. Deliver your message with an impact.
Full Accounting, Drop Shipping Inventory and Order Picking

Manage Multiple Warehouses, Shipping Locations, Stocks And Drop Shipping. Your Inventory management system will be fully equipped to handle your sales, e-commerce, manufacturing, wholesale.

Manage your Contacts and Customers Effectively

Contact your customers directly from your C.R.M. by phone, text or email. Stay update with your employees with free screen sharing, Voice & Video calling.

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