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Zillian Group put the power back into your hands, effortlessly deploy, and manage your infrastructure on premises or in the cloud. With a team of professional developers and years of experience in software development and opensource technologies.
Our business is to make your business better. Build your own infrastructure and own the technology and data that propels it forward.

Centralized Data Management

 Integration allows you to have all your data in one place. This makes it easier to track customer interactions, financial records, and internal communications, reducing the likelihood of errors and inconsistencies that can occur with multiple, separate systems. 

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management

By integrating a CRM with your website, you can automatically capture customer data and interactions. This enables more personalized communication, targeted marketing, and improved customer service, leading to better customer retention and acquisition.

Compliance and Security:

Compliance and Security: Integrated systems can help in ensuring that your business complies with various regulations. They often come with security features that protect sensitive data, which is particularly important in handling financial and personal customer data.

Data-Driven Decision Making:

The integration provides comprehensive data analytics and reporting tools. You can get insights into customer behavior, sales trends, financial performance, etc., enabling informed strategic decisions.

Own Your Data and Freedom of Choice.

Transparency: With open-source software, the code is available to you.
Flexibility: Solutions can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your business. Instead of trying to fit into a one-size-fits-all mold, you can customize the software to ensure that it aligns perfectly with your business processes and security requirements.

Low Cost For Top Quality.

In the realm of business solutions, the balance between cost, maintenance, and revenue generation is crucial. Open-source solutions have emerged as a beacon for businesses aiming to achieve this balance. Let's delve deeper into how open-source can be a cost-effective avenue for revenue generation.

Enterprise Level Privacy and Security.

In today's digital age, data is the new gold. Every interaction, transaction, and touch-point generates data, and businesses are racing to harness its power. But with great power comes great responsibility. The security and privacy of customer data should be a top priority for every business, and that's where open-source solutions come into play.

Ready For Commercial With Professional Support

No Licensing Fees: Unlike proprietary software, open-source solutions don't come with hefty licensing fees. This immediate cost-saving can be redirected towards other revenue-generating activities.

Community Support: The open-source community is vast and active. This means that businesses can often find solutions, patches, or updates without the need for expensive support contracts.

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