Our Business Is To Make Your Business Better.
Where business begins and grows. From registering your company to designing a website, even to create your professional Business Phone line Including I.V.R (Interactive Voice Response) and much more

Popular Services

Business Phone

Voice, Fax, and Text Phone services for your business or personal  needs.

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Websites & Marketing

Sell your products and services online, build a website, adds and more.



A set of apps that works together to give you a full cloud and mobile friendly company intranet.

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Filing And Registration

Registering, Incorporating, Creating Business Plans. TAX.

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Dev-Ops & Applications

Build or manage a service on a cloud platform like OVH, Google Cloud etc.

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Full Featured e-Commerce Website With CRM, Inventory, Payroll and more.

Starting From $499 CAD

Business Development, Registration, Branding, Support, and Press Release.

Starting From $399 CAD

  Other Services And Benefits.

Pro Websites & Hosting

Design A Website. Build beautiful e-commerce websites and impress your customers in a flash. Easily add C.R.M, Invoicing, Drop Shipping  And More.

Business Phone Service

Get local & Toll-Free numbers in over 125 different countries and save on long distance incoming and outgoing, Create your I.V.R's and Call Cues To Handle call routing. make unlimited conference calls and register unlimited extensions.

Free Hosting & Website

Perfect for a small website and new projects. Host your own domain or buy a new one and add it. Create an email address to correspond with your visitors. And no ads on your website at all!

Dev-Ops - Pro Help

Do you have an idea or application you would want to deploy or develop. Zillian Group can help you with building your own projects on your own time. saving you lots of money while staying independent.

Marketing And Promotions

Take Your Business To The Next Level. Marketing is the lifeline to growing your business. Build a strong campaign and reach unlimited customers online and  local areas.

Business Filing & Reg

Begin your business registration or Incorporation, Not-For Profit, Charity, L.L.C, Sole-proprietorship, Partnership Plus. Get your HST G.S.T accounts and apply for W.S.I.B and other benefits to secure the future of your organization.

A Tremendous Amount Of Benefits And Features.

Area Codes / Country Codes
Get multiple local phone numbers from around the world. Build Responsive I.V.Rs and Call flows. set auto-res ponders Fax and Toll-Free Numbers.


VIP Business Apps And Services
Easy To Install PBX and VoIP Service, ZG-V12 E.R.P, Magento Install, Docker Visual Interface, Click to install Containers. V.P.S and Dedicated Servers. 


Free Apps / Web Frameworks 
Free and easy access to some of the most popular C.M.S, E-commerce, Blog, C.R.M and website building applications


Different Use Cases
From creating a simple website to building an Enterprise Resource Planer. For Book-Keeping, Selling Online, or just for fun. ZG Can Help. Try it!

About Us

  • Who We Are ?

    We Develop and implement software and applications to manage your business  tasks, products, and services that enhances and simplify technical business processes.

  • What We Do ?

    Our team is ready to help you incorporate your business, create your website, market your products and services.

  • Why We Do It?

    Simple SIMPLICITY. we started for simplicity threw a lot of research, schooling and work trying to start a business, by the time I got up and running I was getting weary and almost ready to quit because of lack of knowledge

  • Since When?

    We have been working from 2005 and have wast experience in the field of Development of Software to Business.

The Right Help For Your Business.

Zillian Group offers many different ways of helping our customers. Including but not limited to the features listed on this page Plus Free 1 on 1 Consulting. One of the main benefits of working with Zillian Group to grow your company is to quality work at a competitive price.

We can achieve this by connecting you directly to the suppliers and service managers. By being apart of a group that buying more and more we can save a lot of money together by consolidating our buying power and time buy having a community opinion on what's working and how to make it work better for you.

Gain Access to top-secret marketing and developing information. Save lots of time and money. Don't Repeat yourself, Automate your Business, Streamline your Success. 

Request a Free Consultation and or Quotation 

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