Managing Your Cloud, Web And Mobile Infrastructure Has Never Been Easier

One of the big benefits of building with ZG business community is we teach you the steps as we go along. Zillian Group gives the power to do it your self. You will own and control your business infrastructure. We do more than just help you (We Teach you how to Fish) in other words we help you to help your self not to be dependent.

This Openness will also insure that you pay just what you need to pay for as you will be in direct contact with the suppliers of the services wish to use. Eg. You have a  reseller hosting you can choose to pay you server fee directly to both OVH and C-panel or Bundled in one Invoice by Zillian Group

Quickly setup services on A.S.W, .O.V.H, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean. and most other platforms or shared hosting. Build our VoIP Services for your company to save on communication in Voice Calls, Fax, Conference Calls and more...  

Building an online business website or a company intranet? Why not use state  with state of the art technology like. Odoo Open ERP , V-Tiger, Yeti-Force  and more.  We know that can be tricky to setup but sweet to use once it has been done right. well we can help yo set things up in minutes from the complicated apps listed above Even to  more simple setups like WordPress, woo-commerce, Stripe, Shopify,  Amazon Store, E-Bay...

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Business Services

Registering, Incorporating, Creating Business Plans. TAX.

Cloud Services

Build or manage a service on a cloud platform like OVH, Google Cloud etc.

Build Communication

Build VoIP, Fax or phone services for your business or personal  needs.

Sell Online & Advertise

Sell your products and services online, build a website, adds and more.

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Start Selling Online Quick And Easy

Start Selling Online 

Start selling online quick and easy. We do all the work for you. Simply upload your products and we will create all the marketing tools necessary to generate sales.

(ERP) Enterprise Resource Management

(E.R.P) Enterprise Resource Management 

E.R.P is a set of apps that works together to give you a full cloud and mobile friendly company intranet.  Plus C.R.M, Inventory, Website, Sales Flow, Projects, Calendars.

Register Or Incorporate A Business

Register or Incorporate a Business 

Start A New Business. Open your business registration or Incorporation, Not-For Profit, Charity, L.L.C, Sole-proprietorship, Partnership Plus. Get your HST G.S.T accounts and apply for W.S.I.B and other benefits to secure the future of your organization.

Design A Website. Build beautiful e-commerce websites

Design A Website 

Design A Website. Build beautiful e-commerce websites and impress your customers in a flash. Easily add C.R.M, Invoicing, Drop Shipping  And More.

Marker your Business Online

Market your Business Online 

Take Your Business To The Next Level. Marketing is the lifeline to growing your business. Build a strong campaign and reach unlimited customers online and  local areas.

International Phone Service For Your, Company Communication.

Build Flexible Communications to manage your business from anywhere. purchase local numbers in over 125 different countries and save on long distance incoming and outgoing, Create your I.V.R's and Call Cues To Handle call routing. make unlimited conference calls and register unlimited extensions.

 Business Phone Service

Enterprise ready VoIP Technology. Communication Is Very Important In Today's Business World. With our VoIP & SIP Call Center you can manage unlimited phone numbers world at a very low rate. Save on your phone bills wile impressing you customers. Add unlimited DID (Phone Numbers) to one account make cheep long distance calls. Get Unlimited Toll-Free 800 Numbers and international. create a local number from almost any country worldwide.

Zillian Group Provides Complete Business Solutions And Free Consultations

A complete set of custom designed apps and software specifically to fulfill your business priorities

A complete set of custom designed apps and software specifically to fulfill your business priorities.

Included All 7 above features but not restricted to you having the ability to scale up or down as you like.

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Frequently Created Business Models Request Your Custom Demo

Fleet Management & Vehicle Rental

Fleet Management & Vehicle Rental

Start a new transportation business or upgrade your existing business. Our Solutions Can help you be more efficient and reliable in any ways.

Auto Parts Business

Auto Parts Business

Manage your customers, invoices, marketing, repair orders, + more.

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Repair Shop +

Inventory management scarp, repair orders invoice, C.R.M and more.

manager your construction business or start a new one.

Manage & Manufacturing E.R.P

Manager your construction business or start a new one. get all the online tools you need to stay organized and paid onetime. With budget management, invoices, quotations, document sign, document management and so much more.

Odoo - Sample 3 for three columns

Manufacturing E.R.P

Keep Track of inventories and automatic reorders easily and more.

Project Management

Project Management

Manage your projects and set reminders for your employees customers and more.

Education ERP is equip to manage large and small schools collages and universities,

Education E.R.P

Education E.R.P is equip to manage large and small schools collages and universities, manages your staff teachers students courses and so much more with add-ons to customize the software. 

Charity & Non-Profit

Charity & Non-Profit

Manage your charity and not for profit organization collect charity and and donations world wide with a connected website and eCommerce, VoIP calls and much more.

Manage Your Salon Chairs' Beds, POS +

Manage Your Salon Chairs Beds, P.O.S +

A compile management software for your salon,  connected to your website for easy online banking and calendar reminders.

Sell On & Offline

Sell On & Offline

Easily create a fashion store with our powerful and secure E-Commerce website and C.R.M integration, to make handling your customers and Drop Shipping a breeze.

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