OxiMist Air Fresheners a powerful yet gentle solution


Oximist Fresheners

Oximist Fresheners


OxiMist has been servicing our customers directly since 2009 and has recently gone online to serve you better.

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What makes OxiMist so different? 

– Powerful yet gentle 
 OxiMist works by adding oxygen at the molecular level while neutralizing unwanted odours. Our odour eliminators are chosen with wellness in mind and are considered safe and none toxic (hydrogen peroxide, sodium bicarbonate and lemon).

– Unique, original scents            
Scented OxiMist is infused with aromatic pure fruit extracts, replica precious oils and essential oils. Together they provide a fuller, longer lasting essence than ordinary air fresheners. OxiMist avoids phthalates, triclosan, harmful fragrance chemicals and essential oils with higher irritability levels.

– Multi Purpose
OxiMist cleans away offensive odours from the air or embedded in fabrics.
OxiMist in smoking areas, washrooms, toilets before use, kitchens, cars, pet areas, sports bags…

–  Available Fragrance-Free          
OxiMist provides effective odour control without the use of perfumes. It is used by cleaning companies, airlines, offices and individuals to eliminate odours while maintaining a fragrance-free environment.


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