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On August 15th, 2017

Fragrance-Free OxiMist Air Freshener Is The Best Solution For Offices And Perfume Restricted Areas

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Fragrance Free Oximist Freshener

This Powerful odour eliminator can be used at home in schools, in your car and even in the office. Made with no harmful chemical or fragrance, OxiMist Fragrance-Free Order Eliminator is an unstoppable source of freshness anywhere you like and is always appropriate and safe to breathe in.

Fragrance-Free is an unbeatable odour eliminator which does not require fragrance to work. After an initial light aroma of lemon ( one of three Neutralizers ), all that remains is the smell of the pure fresh air.
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The OxiMist odour eliminator adds oxygen at the molecular level while unwanted odours are neutralized.
OxiMist is used by commercial cleaning companies, air lines, offices and individuals who desire odour control while maintaining a scent free environment.

Use in smoking areas, kitchens, bathrooms, cars, pet areas, shoes, sports bags …
Ingredients: water, ethanol, odour eliminator  (hydrogen peroxide H2O2, sodium bicarbonate and lemon).

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