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On August 15th, 2017

5 Ways To Promote Your Work Without Feeling Awkward

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Practice saying “I”


We are socialized to give credit to our team and use the word “we” when talking about accomplishments, Adams says. But if you said, “I lead an amazing team,” instead of “My team is amazing,” you would be giving your team credit while still making it clear that you had a part in their success, she says.


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Showcase your work like a photographer

Rather than listing your accomplishments as bullet points on your resume or for your annual review, create a portfolio of your achievements by including samples of the report you wrote, the PowerPoint you delivered and the white paper you managed, Adams says. Don’t forget to explain the impact each deliverable had on your team and your company, Adams says.

You’re not bragging if you’re sharing facts

Shelby Whitzel, the senior associate of corporate communications for media agency Blue 449, found a way to make sharing her accomplishments feel more natural and less like bragging. “Thinking about them as facts rather than accomplishments actually make it easier to share,” she says.

Become a storyteller

Jessica Thiele, a marketing manager at VL OMNI, a data company, says she finds it easiest to present her achievements as stories “passed on verbally in non-confrontational ways.” Thiele looks for opportunities at meetings and in conversations with colleagues and managers to share her work experiences and achievements. Similarly, Kristen Elworthy, founder of Seven Hills Communications, re-frames her accomplishments as “case studies” and finds ways to provide examples of the results she achieved.


Encourage others to brag, too

At a weekly meeting, invite each team member to share a weekly high point, such as a deal made, difficult tasks completed or any other work they’re most proud of, says Ariyana Hernandez, director of marketing and strategic partnerships at AELLA, an online clothing retailer.

Find a champion

If you are still struggling to tout your own achievements, create a network of supporters who know you and the quality of your work, says Tess Ausman, talent development manager at LendingTree. Let them know what projects you are working on and ask for their feedback. Over time they will recommend you and your work to others, she says.


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